Hemp is an annual plant whose origins come from Central Asia. Its scientific name is «Cannabis Sativa L» and we find traces of its culture until 8000 years before our era! It belongs to the family of cannabaceae as hops or micocoulier.

It is historically cultivated for its seeds or fiber, its THC level is less than 0.3% and does not cause psychotropic effect.

Hemp & cannabis, what difference?

Often confused, hemp and cannabis are actually the same plant. Their main distinction: THC and its psychotropic effect. We distinguish two uses: cannabis which implies (in the minds of the general public) a plant with a high THC level for a «recreational» use and hemp with THC level 0.3% for an industrial use (textile, construction, food ect)

Why isn’t he better known?

The cultivation of hemp flourished as industrial history evolved. Both in the automotive sector and in the stationery or pharmacopoeia industry.

Unfortunately, in 1930, in the United States, the lobbying of the oil industry wanted to take control and launched a malicious campaign against hemp and passed the «Marihuana Tax Act» which imposes huge taxes and fines on any cultivation or possession of cannabis. Hemp is thus demonized among the population leaving the market to oil.

An extraordinary plant

Hemp is distinguished by its triple use: food, non-food and cosmetic.

  • Food: considered a super food, hemp seed is known for its high protein content and essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9)
  • Non-food: Hemp is already widely used in the automotive, stationery and building industries.
  • Cosmetics: hemp has very good antioxidant, anti-inflammatory virtues and has the CBD molecule with a thousand soothing virtues (for the body and the mind!)

An ecological power

Hemp competes widely with the forest!

It adapts to many climates, it can be grown anywhere in the world and thus reduces transport distances for more local consumption.

Its cultivation requires no chemicals and requires very little water. The soil is therefore preserved and the resulting products are healthier.

Also, hemp has a high absorption capacity and is often used to decontaminate soils from heavy metals.